Driven Winnipeg – 2017

That time has come again, the Driven crew has rolled through Winnipeg bringing everyone an opportunity for a unique show experience.  With an indoor/outdoor show and a drift demo outside Driven continues to be a one of a kind experience in Winnipeg.  The indoor/outdoor experience stemmed from a change in venue with the show moving from the Winnipeg Convention Centre to the Red River Exhibition grounds three years ago.

The move certainly changed the show, and with any big change, there will always be growing pangs.  In its first year at the Ex grounds, the indoor space was pushed to its limits, which in our opinion caused some unappealing parking arrangements to truly showcase the entrees.  With the second iteration the indoor venue was dominated by vendors, and the outdoor show seemed to lack the quality control that people had come to expect from Driven.

This year, however, the show has really hit its stride in the new venue.  The indoor venue had a good mix of modified and high-end OEM vehicles, the overall quality of the outdoor show seemed to improve.  But, most importantly there was room for spectators to move around the cars without bumping into each other or the vehicles.

At a glance, there seemed to be fewer cars at this year’s show.  Having fewer cars isn’t necessarily a bad thing though!  The vehicles that were there seemed to be of higher quality than in years past.

The shift in vehicles at the show is encouraging looking toward the future of the Winnipeg car scene.  It makes us hopeful that the local scene is stepping up its game and it’s nice to see a variety of vehicles with fresh changes.

Along with the indoor/outdoor show Formula Drift Canada was back to put on a demo outside of the venue.  Unlike last year’s show, we were rain free this year, so with plenty of smoke and a great show put on by Gonzo Drift and friends we snagged as many photos as we could, and a solid sun burn.

Overall, Driven 2017 was a fantastic experience, and with the end of every year comes the same sentiment.  We can’t wait to see what the show brings next year.  Until then though, we’ll leave you with our coverage of the show!

Harbourfest 2016

August long has come and gone, and with it Kenora’s Harbourfest.  A weekend long festival including live music, a boat show, and a car show.

 Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_brianna

Since Top Tier Imports’ inception back in 2012 there have been a number of import enthusiasts making the drive out to Kenora for the car show and to enjoy the rest of what Harbourfest has to offer.

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Driven Winnipeg 2016 – Formula Drift Canada Demo

Much like last year, Driven has partnered with Formula Drift Canada for a drift demo alongside the car show.

Hometown hero Gonzo Drift was out putting it down for the fans.  Along with a handful of other drivers including Mats Baribeau and Kyle Zimmer, the whole group put on a great show.

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Driven 2016 – Show Coverage

It’s that time of year again, Driven has come back to town.  Until recently Driven had always alternated years on and off here in Winnipeg.  However, with the scene growing substantially over the past few years it seems the show will become a yearly event.

It’s safe to say that Driven has been and will continue to be the show for the Winnipeg scene.  Prep for the show starts weeks, sometimes months in advance for competitors.  Whether it’s last minute parts from local vendors Speed Factor and Option Plus, or that extra coat of wax before roll-in.  The cars at Driven always have that extra touch done just for the sake of the show.

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Paws to the Pedal

It is the middle of the car show season, and we are pleased to have covered the third annual, Paws to the Pedal car show.  This show truly brings together the car community in a way that no other local show can.  Many types of cars will attend, many will put aside their differences and begin to create connections. All thanks to the furry friends that we as car enthusiasts came to support.

Paws to the Pedal

Paws to the Pedal

D’Arcy’s A.R.C. has been rescuing stray animals and adopting them to loving families for years, and they are always in need of donations and supplies.  Paws to the Pedal has always been a great way for the car community to give back to a shelter that does amazing work.  This year’s turnout was fantastic, and showed how getting together for a cause can make a difference.

Paws to the Pedal

Paws to the Pedal

Paws to the Pedal

Pets are always welcome at this car show, and there were plenty in attendance.  You couldn’t look anywhere without seeing a pet alongside their owner.  It was a great ice breaker for introductions to new people, and was a blast to have been a part of!

Paws to the Pedal

This year we were joined by members of 403 Media whom brought their unique vehicles,  NVUS showed up with a good portion of their local crew, as well as members from almost every local car group in Winnipeg.  Little Bones made sure we were fed, and RESET Ultralounge took care of accommodations such as drinks and games, as well as the soccer game on the TV.  All of the clubs that came, and services the vendors provided were appreciated!

Paws to the Pedal

Paws to the Pedal

Paws to the Pedal

Paws to the Pedal

Paws to the Pedal

People meeting their friends, exploring cars that we have not seen locally, people meeting and connecting for the first time, cars cleaned up as best as they can be, all while enjoying good music and a good cause.  This is what makes up Paws to the Pedal, and this year definitely did not disappoint!  Thanks to the people whom were involved with setting this up, and to the volunteers.

Winnipeg is home to a great car scene, and the Motive Empire team is committed to capturing the stories behind the cars.  We’ve still got our coverage of Driven 2016 coming, stay tuned!

Lady In Red – Paul’s Toyota Aristo


We’ve been following Paul’s  work on his Aristo for a while now.  Waiting on the perfect set of wheels left the project on hold for a bit last summer.  Now though, it’s ready for it’s debut. Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_brianna

When our weather started warming up the first order of business was a shift in color.  Away from a dark maroon, onto something a little brighter.

Stripping the old vinyl off also allowed for Paul to put his own personal touch on his front fenders.  Investing the time to modify the fenders to his liking really helps set the car apart as one of a kind.

 Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_brianna

Along with the new air suspension setup Paul brings those fenders right close to a beautiful set of Avant Garde wheels that suit the car so well.

The Aristo has been out breaking necks on the streets for a while now.  But, for the chance to see it up close and personal come down the Driven, July 9th at the Red River Exhibition grounds to see this beauty at the Motive Empire booth!

It’s been great following everything Paul has done with this project and we look forward to seeing what’s next!

World of Wheels 2016 – Winnipeg

Finally the season looks like it’s getting close for Winnipeg’s enthusiast population.  For many World of Wheels marks the beginning of Spring.  The first big show of the season, and the push many need to start getting their cars ready for the summer ahead.

World of Wheels has been an interesting show over the years, filled predominantly by classics.  However last year, and furthermore this year, imports are slowly making their presence known at the show.  There’s definitely something for every enthusiast to appreciate when walking around WoW, with a wide range of vehicles from full restorations, to rat rods and everything in between. Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_brianna Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_mitch

What we found most interesting of the show is, the interest shown by the older generation towards the imports.  Of course there will always be some that scoff at the “rice-rockets”, but the genuine interest by the majority was something else.  It’s nice to see that import cars are receiving not only recognition, but respect from the older crowd.  Not so long ago it seemed as though the import crowd and the classic crowd were constant opposition, now it seems as though finally most have been united by an appreciation of cars and the work that goes into them, regardless of what year the chassis rolled off the production line. Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_brianna Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_brianna

With the first show of the season in the books we’re anxiously awaiting shooting more, especially as cars come out of hibernation.  We’re also happy to have Darcy Tiderman joining our group of photographers this season, we can’t wait to see more of his content on the site and the Motive Empire Instagram.  Looking ahead Motive will be at Top Tier Imports Spring Awakening, but if you’re looking for photos of your car before the big meet get a hold of us here at Motive and we’ll get some content for you!

The Winter of Our Discontent

2014 Toyota Tundra

Well, it’s that season again, the season where cars are in storage and the enthusiasts are abuzz on social media and forums everywhere planning for the next season.  With not much excitement in the scene, people quickly grow bored waiting for the snow to melt and warmer days to return.  But, with that boredom, comes a lot of talk, with a mix of good and bad.  The problem with the bad is, it has a tendency to build on itself making something relatively trivial, a big deal.

We’ve all seen it happen, participated in it even, and honestly, it’s tough to avoid at times.  But, at the end of the day, is it really worth getting involved in?

Probably not.

Toyota Aristo

Of course that is not to say that people are not entitled to their own opinions.  There’s no way that everyone is going to like everything that everybody else is doing with their car.  But, when the owner is happy with their choices, that’s really all that matters.

Again, people are entitled to their opinion, they’re also entitled to share that opinion.  There is a big difference in sharing that opinion, and shooting down the choices the owner has made.

For example, there’s a dramatic difference between saying, “Hey, you know what, I wouldn’t have done that if it were my car, but good on you.” versus “that looks like garbage, you’ve ruined the car.”.

Acura NSX

Group politics also play into this as well.  This is not to say that we have issues with any of the clubs/groups/squads in our local car scene, or that we haven’t been involved in disagreements in the past. However, there continues to be a level of division between groups.  The scene feels very clique-y, which is unfortunate and may be discouraging for new enthusiasts.  Sure the vast majority will come down to Top Tier’s Friday Night Lights, but you’ll see people show up in their group, hang out in their corner of the parking lot with their group, and leave with their group.

Everyone will have their core group of friends that they know best, and are closest to, but does it really hurt to branch out?  No, of course not!  Sure, come and leave with your closest friends, but make an effort to speak to people you’ve never met before.  Chances are, their impression of you is largely based on what they’ve heard about you, even a quick conversation can change an opinion.

Honda Civic

We’re all in this together folks, at the end of the day, working together as enthusiasts is what will make the scene grow.  It shouldn’t matter what name you’ve given to your core group of friends, or which Instagram page is your favorite.  As Top Tier put it, we’re all connected by cars.  Find interest in the fact that every vehicle at a meet is a little different, even if it isn’t one of your friends’. After all, if everyone built the exact same car, it wouldn’t feel much different from seeing dozens of bone-stock vehicles all parked together.

Be excellent to each other. We’ll see you in the spring, with cameras in hand. Instagram: @motiveempire - Automotive lifestyle blog Photographer: @motiveempire_brianna