Winnipeg HID

While at Speedfest we got to see the unveiling of Adam’s GT-R, who’s headlights received some work from our friends over at Winnipeg HID.

Winnipeg HID - Nissan GT-R

So far Adam’s R35 has received a handful of modifications including dual intakes, a new mid-pipe, lowering springs and a Cobb Accessport.  But what truly sets this car apart from other GT-R’s in the city are the headlights.

Nissan GT-R

Winnipeg HID, a product of 3 years experience and countless HID installs, tackled the headlights on the GT-R to prep the car for the show.

Seeing so many vehicles out there with ‘plug-n-play’ HID kits Tom;  Winnipeg HID’s owner, decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.  With help from The Retrofit Source Inc. Tom began bringing in high quality HID products that were otherwise unavailable.

Nissan GT-R

Winnipeg HID has 3 main objectives when installing HID systems into vehicles; safety, performance and quality.  They are the only company that offers true HID projector retrofitting in all vehicles for maximum performance and safety on the highway at night with using only the highest quality of HID products so they will last our harsh weather conditions. We can create basic projector headlights for someone just looking for better light output in their car or we can go all out and make a custom one-off set of headlights for show cars, the possibilities are endless.

Nissan GT-R

Winnipeg HID is currently working on launching their website;, and  will be expanding into a new shop this year that will be their main location dedicated to building custom headlights and selling high quality HID products.

We’re proud to see Winnipeg HID’s progress, and love the work they do, so much so that one of our photographers had Tom retrofit projectors into her Kia Koup.

The Road to SpeedFest – Keenan and Seaver

We’ve been busy lately getting prepared for Winnipeg SpeedFest, but, as projects are coming together we wanted to showcase some of the cars that will be at the Motive Empire booth at the show July 19th.

With our long winters it never hurts to embark on larger projects, Keenan took this as an opportunity to clean up the bay in his MR-2.

Keenan's MR-2

We stopped in just before the project reached Continue reading The Road to SpeedFest – Keenan and Seaver