Pony Corral – Low Motive

This past weekend our friends, Low Motive, were asked to be the feature club at Pony Corral’s Sunday night meet.  These meets are a great way for the old and new crowds of enthusiasts to come together.

Subaru BRZ

The car scene here in our home town of Winnipeg is still rooted in the era of the classic muscle car, but more and more opportunities are opening up to the younger generation to get out and be seen.

Hyundai Genesis

With the mixed crowd of old versus new, there will always be a difference of opinions.  To some, grasping why we do what we do to ‘rice-burners’, just doesn’t make sense.  That being said, at the end of the day we’re all brought together by the cars, regardless of the badge on the bumper, or the size of the motor under the hood.

Toyota Aristo

Honda Civic

Overall, it was a awesome night, with a great crowd of people.  With summer seemingly fading fast, we were glad to be at this event.

The Ice Breaker – Low Motive Thursdays

Well, here we are at the end of May and it’s finally starting to act a little bit more like summer.  With the warmer temperatures it means the time has finally come for meets to start up again.

Nissan Cima - Motive Empire
Can’t help but pay attention when the VIP rolls in

We found ourselves at the Low Motive Ice Breaker meet, the first of many Thursday night meets.  There were so many cars that were new to us, and others that have gotten new looks over the winter.

Subaru WRX Brianna's Forte Koup


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