The Dark Knight

Taylor's Honda S2000

Like Father, Like Son

When the time came for Taylor to start looking for his car he had made his decision already, it was going to be an S2000.  Having driven his dad’s S2000 whenever he got the chance, when a good deal came along on a untouched S2000 in Grand Prix white came along he couldn’t pass it up.

Taylor's Honda S2000Taylor's Honda S2000

Along with the good deal, came a tan interior, not the look Taylor was looking for, so it was quickly replaced with a black interior from the AP1.   With the theme of Batmobile meets race car in mind, Taylor went to work.  With the help of family and friends the car was completed primarily without the help of a shop, only needing some body work molding in the front bumper extensions.

Taylor's Honda S2000

While Taylor is pleased with the car’s journey so far, he’s excited for the next step.  We suspect he’ll be holding on to this S2000 for quite some time, and can’t wait to see what happens next.

Taylor's Honda S2000

Taylor's Honda S2000

Taylor's Honda S2000

The List

Intake l Exhaust l Fuel

  • T1R  exhaust

Suspension l Wheels l Tires

  • XXR 527 18×8.75 et20 (f) 18×9.75 et20 (r)
  • Blackworks Coil overs


  • Shine Spec-A Front Bumper with molded J’s racing bumper extensions
  • J’s Racing Type S fenders
  • Shine RX7 Side skirts
  • APR GTC-200 Spoiler with 2.5” risers
  • Forcewerkz Overfenders

Interior l Electronics

  • AP1 Interior
  • Nardi  Classic 330mm steering wheel
  • Works Engineering quick release
  • Bride Low Max g Gios