Driven Winnipeg – 2017

That time has come again, the Driven crew has rolled through Winnipeg bringing everyone an opportunity for a unique show experience.  With an indoor/outdoor show and a drift demo outside Driven continues to be a one of a kind experience in Winnipeg.  The indoor/outdoor experience stemmed from a change in venue with the show moving from the Winnipeg Convention Centre to the Red River Exhibition grounds three years ago.

The move certainly changed the show, and with any big change, there will always be growing pangs.  In its first year at the Ex grounds, the indoor space was pushed to its limits, which in our opinion caused some unappealing parking arrangements to truly showcase the entrees.  With the second iteration the indoor venue was dominated by vendors, and the outdoor show seemed to lack the quality control that people had come to expect from Driven.

This year, however, the show has really hit its stride in the new venue.  The indoor venue had a good mix of modified and high-end OEM vehicles, the overall quality of the outdoor show seemed to improve.  But, most importantly there was room for spectators to move around the cars without bumping into each other or the vehicles.

At a glance, there seemed to be fewer cars at this year’s show.  Having fewer cars isn’t necessarily a bad thing though!  The vehicles that were there seemed to be of higher quality than in years past.

The shift in vehicles at the show is encouraging looking toward the future of the Winnipeg car scene.  It makes us hopeful that the local scene is stepping up its game and it’s nice to see a variety of vehicles with fresh changes.

Along with the indoor/outdoor show Formula Drift Canada was back to put on a demo outside of the venue.  Unlike last year’s show, we were rain free this year, so with plenty of smoke and a great show put on by Gonzo Drift and friends we snagged as many photos as we could, and a solid sun burn.

Overall, Driven 2017 was a fantastic experience, and with the end of every year comes the same sentiment.  We can’t wait to see what the show brings next year.  Until then though, we’ll leave you with our coverage of the show!