Top Tier Imports Spring Awakening

While there is never really an official start to the car season here in Manitoba, the closest thing we have is TTI’s Spring Awakening.  The meet that continues to grow year after year, bringing together enthusiasts from all over Manitoba, and some from Top Tier Imports’ Saskatchewan chapter.

Mazda RX7

This year, with a new, larger venue, it seems Top Tier may have finally found a place to bring everyone together at the Red River Exhibition grounds.  Over the years they’ve suffered the growing pains as year after year they’ve filled the venue to overflowing.  Thankfully they have adapted, finding a venue with the space to fit the 600+ cars that made their way out.


With food provided by The Red Ember, The Churro Stop, and Vilai’s SpiceBox, give aways, a car limbo contest, and no shortage of cars to see there was something for everyone.


Mazda RX-7

Toyota Corolla

The limbo was a big draw, nearly everyone in the lot stopped what they were doing to come see who could sneak under the limbo bar.  Watching people pile into cars to get that little extra compression out of the suspension lent for some great photos.

Mazda Miata

Toyota Celica

Honda Civic

In a scene that often seems full of animosity and division, it was great to see, 600+ cars from different groups, different makes/models all coming together and having a great time at a solid event.  It lends a lot of faith that the car scene is progressing the way it should.  Sure, not everyone is going to be friends with everyone, and you might not like someone’s car, but hey, you don’t have to drive it.  We hope that this attitude carries over for the rest of the season, and seasons to come from here.