World of Wheels 2015 – Winnipeg

Well, we’re glad to see Spring on the horizon, with a few weeks of early warm weather many cars came out of hibernation; some might say prematurely with the snow we’ve been punished with, but the enthusiasm is there nevertheless.  The first big show of the season here in Manitoba is without a doubt World of Wheels.  Taking over the RBC Convention Centre in downtown Winnipeg, WoW brings a wide array of enthusiasts out of their winter blues.  With a little bit of everything to see from classic muscle, lifted and lowered trucks, the cars of the Fast and Furious series, and a growing group of imports there’s no shortage of things to see.

Nissan 350Z World of Wheels 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Over the weeks leading up to the show we’ve been following our friend Paul as he prepared his Toyota Aristo for it’s big debut.  With a complete change of color, and other V.I.P. goodies added to the car he had quite a bit of work on his hands in preparation for World of Wheels.

While we can’t wait to get a full feature on this beauty, we can give you a few photo’s from it’s debut.

Toyota Aristo Toyota Aristo Toyota Aristo

Along with the Aristo another import that’s been under the knife over the winter has been Adam’s WRX.  It too had it’s big reveal at World of Wheels this past weekend.  What can we say, this car has come a long way over the winter, it came out strong for it’s first showing and we’re looking forward to getting it in front of the lens soon.

Subaru WRX

Of course, World of Wheels still holds true to it’s roots in classic cars, there was no shortage of muscle in the building.  Along with select cars from the Fast and Furious, and Azn and Farmtruck from Discovery’s show Street Outlaws there was plenty to see and do this past weekend.  We were happy to get out and finally get some cars behind the lens again.  Stay tuned as we’ve got plenty more to come as the season gets started.

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